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 7. HTCC Africa Expo and Fair Budapest

1-4 March 2018

Venue: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center, Pavilion ’A’, co-event of Travel Show, HUNGARY

Africa Expo and Fair is an annual international forum focused on the building of African-Hungarian relations, presenting business and cooperation opportunities, and boosting partnerships between African and Hungarian stakeholders. The first six editions (2011,2012,2014,2015, 2016 and 2017) of Africa Expo attracted 250.000 visitors and 136 exhibitors from 23 African countries. 

The 7. HTCC Africa Expo and Fair (1-4 March 2018) as co-event of Travel Show at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center with 45.000 visitors offers excellent conditions for its exhibitors to promote African countries, companies and organisations, to boost business and investment opportunities, to sell products and services and to expand networks.


Africa Expo and Fair is a marketplace for Africa related stakeholders hungry for businesses, partnerships and innovative solutions in Afirca. The expo presents a lucrative opportunity for the exhibitors to meet new customers and to grow their partner and client base in Africa and in Hungary. The exhibition hosts local and global companies and attended by decision makers from across Africa, from a variety of key industries. With quality and quantity of visitors in attendance, exhibiting gives you brand exposure.


Economic growth is still dynamic in Africa. Expectations  estimate 4,4 % GDP growth and consider West and East African countries as leaders of this development. At the same time, African countries show increased interest towards new markets such as Central - Europe. On the other hand, Hungary's South opening strategy with it's reinforced efforts to revitalize diplomatic, economic and cultural ties with Africa offers an excellent era for gaining business in Africa. 

The 4-day event will feature:

  • official opening event and an international conference
  • Keynote addresses and presentations
  • introduction of exhibitors with booths
  • networking opportunities
  • side cultural programs 

The Africa Expo and Fair is a non-profit initiative. It is organized by Culturafrica Foundation, a Hungarian NGO working on the promotion of Africa in Europe.  The idea of the Africa Expo and Fair was born in 2011. Since then, 6 successful expos have been organized (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) in partnership with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Hungary, the Ministry for National Economy, the African-Hungarian Union, the Africa Research Center of Pécs University and other  stakeholders. 

The venue of the Africa Expo, Hungexpo Co. Ltd. is Hungary's recognized market leader event organizer company since its establishment in 1967. Hungexpo provides professional and complex infrastructure for its exhibitors (furniture renting, booth construction etc.) EXPO Congress Hotel **** right next to the exhibition site offers quality accommodation for the Exhibitors. www.hungexpo.hu


Travel partner

Travel to Africa Tour Operator (Utazz Afrikába Utazási Iroda) will be at your service for your flight reservations, accommodation arrangments and other required travel related services. www.utazzafrikaba.hu   www.travelstoafrica.com

The communication campaign focuses on the promotion of the Exhibitors and their represented African countries, institutions, services and products. Various Medias (banner campaigns, printed and online publicity, radio interviews, PR articles, Facebook campaign etc.) compose the creative cross-media platform of the event. The Media partner of the Africa Expo is Globoport and PORT.hu (Hungary’s market leader cultural website with 400.000 visitors daily). www.globoport.hu  www.port.hu