EN – Special Diamond Sponsor

WEFA Industrie - World Exhibition For Africa - Special Diamond Sponsor of 9. Africa Expo Budapest

BAK’SS GROUPE is specialized in Innovations and conception of strategic projects for Africa. Our activity is aimed at contributing to the development and international promotion of Africa through the involvement of experts from different backgrounds. Through our 16 agencies throughout the African continent, we maintain close relationship with local actors, such as local authorities, chambers of commerce, professional federations and clubs, ministries and embassies. The group is composed of a number of entities that serve as technical structures for carrying out specific missions, namely:


  • BAK’SS Engineering: Specialized consultancy to support African local authorities in developing their development programs. For example, we helped develop a complex regional planning for the next 15 years in Guinea called "Boké Vision 2035".
  • World Exhibition For Africa (Wefa-Industry): Company specialized in the organization of business fairs and the of the participation of our partners in fairs organized throughout the world. We also create exchanges between professionals in Africa and Europe helping the transfer of best practices.
  • OEA (Organization of African Companies): the associative structure designed to organize strategic support for the private sector and local communities in Africa, through networking, connecting social partners and finding funding

    Our business missions programming is mainly focused on the types of events and organizations that attract African participants. The events we decided to target in Hungary this year are touch upon issues that interest Africa significantly (ex. The RENEO fair on renewable energy in May 2020). Hungary is a new destination for our organization, but we have been exploring the region since 2015 in order to analyse the market for African professionals. (Example: 2 photos attached, during the business interviews of Mr. Bakary SAGNO in Slovakia, in 2015, with the Chamber of Commerce and the organizer of a security fair). Africa Expo is a major event in that attracts visitor from the wider region, we could not miss it.

    The purpose of our presence at various professional events is to discover business opportunities that strengthen the economic relationship between Europe and Africa. In our experience, the Central European region is known to only a few African professionals, although these countries offer significant business opportunities. Therefore, Central Europe is a strategic development destination for us in 2020, the same way that are the USA, CANADA and France.

    Mr. Bakary Sagno, architect by profession, specialises in project engineering and professional supervision. He is particularly proficient in the following sectors: construction, urban planning, environment, tourism, agriculture, new technology and vocational training. He is of Ivorian and Guinean nationality.

    - Ivory Coast has a very developed economy based on agriculture, being the 1st world producer of cocoa. The investments also focus on real estate, fishing, culture, etc.
    - Guinea is mainly a mining country, with its status as the 2nd world producer of bauxite, but other sectors are booming also (bauxite, gold, granite, forest, agriculture, fishing, tourism, etc.)
    These two countries will, among others, be able to offer large markets for infrastructure and other projects in the future, depending on the know-how Hungary has to offer.

    Our delegation currently consists of 34 members representing 3 countries:
  • Ivory Coast with 16 representatives,
  • Guinea with 8 representatives,
  • Senegal with 10 representatives.

The delegation includes business leaders, travel agency managers, community leaders, artisans, etc.