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22 Exhibitors will represent 17 African countries at the 12th Africa Expo Budapest Event that will be held between 22 - 25 February 2024 at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre. 500 square metres will be dedicated to the Africa Expo this year in Pavilion A, biggest and central Pavilion of co-event International Travel Show.  This year's main sponsor and biggest exhibitor is HAND Association. Some member organisations of HAND Association will be also present at the four-day-long international event, thanks to the support of the European Union through the Fourth Trio European Presidency Project. Our motto in 2024 is Sustainable Development - Partnership - Future! This already suggests that exhibitors (non-profit organisations, diplomatic corps, craft sellers) consider Africa as the continent of the future, full of opportunities. A continent worth engaging with, a continent worth building partnerships with in the framework of Sustainable Development. 

Visit the expo and  learn more about Africa at the exhibitors' booths during the four days of the event. Come and join us at the opening ceremony and professional conference co-organised with HAND Association on 23 February 2024, revolving around current trends in Hungarian CSOs' governmental financing and humanitarian aid activities in Africa. 


At the expo, you can meet Hungarian NGOs that have been working in Africa for years (even decades) from Congo to Mali, Senegal to Uganda. You can find out which organisations you can engage with, as a volunteeer or activist, or as a donor. You can get first-hand, current information about several African countries. If you come as a visitor with a business idea, you can build a useful and effective network. If you are a curious traveller, you can get information at the booth of Utazz Afrikába Utazási Iroda (Travels to Africa Tour Operator) about safari trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia or Uganda, cultural - adventure tours to Senegal or Algeria among other exciting destinations. 


In order to highlight Africa's rich culture the expo will also showcase unique and beautiful art products and show how Hungarian artists can get inspiration from African fabrics, materials, motifs and so on. Various programs at the Ethiopian Airlines Africa stage, at the children's corner and Travel Expo main stage will  further entertain the audience with spectacular African music and dance shows, lectures and memorable programmes. 


Exhibitors list of the 12th Africa Expo Budapest: 


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